Am I Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

On behalf of Kalberg Law Office L.L.C. Jan. 21, 2020

If you have recently lost your job, you are likely worried about your future financial security. Any savings that you have will be whittling away quickly, and you may be relying on financial support from family and friends. It can take time to find a new job that will provide the same level of income that you are accustomed to. This is why it is possible to gain unemployment benefits from the government in certain situations.

Only certain job seekers are eligible for unemployment benefits. The reason for your job loss and your attitude toward finding new employment can determine whether you will be able to collect unemployment benefits. The following is an overview of some of the eligibility requirements.

Initial Employee Eligibility Requirements

Before considering filing for unemployment benefits, you should be aware that you must either be a U.S. citizen or be able to provide proof that you have a legal right to work in the country. You need to be employed by your most recent employer for a certain amount of time, and you should have earned a certain amount of wages from that employer. You need to be willing and able to work immediately should you find a job.

Your Reason for Employment Termination Is Important

It is theoretically possible to collect unemployment benefits both in situations where you have been fired or when you have quit. However, you must be able to show that you lost your job through no fault of your own.

For example, if you are fired because your employer was suffering financially, likely, this won’t affect your ability to collect unemployment compensation. However, if you are fired for unexcused absences and frequent tardiness, you probably won’t be able to collect unemployment benefits.

If you quit because your health was in danger, or because changes in your employment conditions made it difficult to continue working, unemployment benefits will likely be granted. However, if you quit because you simply don’t want to continue working, you will not be able to collect unemployment benefits.

Unemployment benefits can be hugely beneficial to those who are suffering financially after a job loss. Make sure that you take action to apply if you believe that you are eligible.