A past criminal charge can derail your life. From applying to jobs to purchasing a home, many milestones in life can be tarnished or ruined altogether if you have a criminal record. Seeking an expungement can help you move forward in life. After all, your past mistakes should not define your future, nor are they representative of who you are today.

As an experienced and compassionate expungements attorney in Overland Park, Kansas, I can help you determine if your conviction is eligible to be expunged from your record. Together, we will examine your specific case and what options you have going forward.

What is Expungement?

Expungement refers to the removal of a conviction from your criminal record. If a conviction is expunged, then any information related to that conviction will be kept confidential. Thus, if you are, for example, applying to a new job, then a background check run by your potential employer will not pull up your criminal conviction if it has been expunged. Some examples of records that can be expunged in the state of Kansas include:

  • Arrest records

  • Juvenile adjudications

  • Criminal convictions

When a conviction or arrest record is expunged, this means that it is erased from your criminal record for most purposes. Expunged convictions or arrests do not need to be disclosed in many situations, including applying for a job or housing. This can help you put your best foot forward in life as you work toward a better future.

We will work together to examine your unique case and proceed accordingly. If your arrest record or criminal conviction is eligible to be expunged, then I will be by your side from start to finish until we reach a favorable outcome.

Can My Criminal Conviction be Expunged?

The following information is specifically based on Kansas laws. Missouri has some differing stipulations. Contact us with any questions.

An arrest record can be expunged if:

  • The court found no probable cause for the arrest;

  • You were found not guilty;

  • Your expungement would be in the best interests of justice; or

  • The arrest occurred due to a case of mistaken identity

For an arrest record to be expunged, you do not need to meet a specific time limit.

A criminal conviction can be expunged if:

  • You have not been convicted of a felony in the past two years and the required amount of time has passed; or

  • Your conviction was for a minor offense, like a traffic violation, and you have met these conditions:

    • Three years have passed

    • You have paid all required fines

    • You have completed the required sentence

You deserve to live a life that is not affected by your past. Let’s work together to get you back on your feet.



Benefits of Expungement

Having your criminal conviction expunged can have a range of benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Preventing colleges from denying you admission purely based on your criminal record

  • Avoiding the setback of a potential employer seeing your past criminal convictions

  • Passing background checks when looking for housing

  • Helping you put your best foot forward socially by keeping your criminal convictions confidential

I can help you take advantage of all of the benefits of expungement. Set up a free consultation with Kalberg Law Office L.L.C. today to discuss your options.

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