Domestic Violence Attorney in Overland Park, Kansas

Understanding The Serious Nature Of Domestic Violence Charges

Many people are surprised to find themselves facing domestic violence charges. They often did not mean to harm anyone, and in some cases, did not cause physical harm to anyone. But domestic violence laws cover a wide range of charges other than spousal abuse.

Even a fight with a roommate or damaging your own property during an argument with your spouse can fall under the category of domestic violence.

Though the circumstances leading to these charges may seem minor, you need a skilled lawyer on your side once police and a prosecutor are involved. I have more than 15 years of criminal law experience, and I can help you understand your charges and what to expect, from the protective order through trial, if necessary.

Domestic violence cases are often difficult and can have far-reaching effects on your life. You need an attorney with the experience to navigate the system in Kansas and Missouri.

Charges Are Not Up To The Alleged Victim

When someone calls the police to a potential domestic violence situation in the Kansas City area, the police generally come with the mindset that they will arrest someone. The decision to bring charges is up to the police, not the alleged victim or another witness.

Additionally, once the police bring criminal charges, the prosecutors generally have a blanket policy not to dismiss these cases, even if witnesses change their stories. It is no longer a “he said-she said” scenario at that point, but rather, a criminal accusation by the government against the alleged perpetrator.

When I am your attorney, I will bring a strong defense to mitigate the damage this sort of charge brings.

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