I Will Take Your DUI/DWI Case Seriously

Being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) can have drastic consequences on your life. At Kalberg Law Office L.L.C., I will take these charges seriously and defend your reputation and your future. Whether it’s your first offense or a repeat violation, I can help. I will analyze the evidence to determine what defenses will best work for your case.

I believe my clients should have the final choice on what strategy to pursue. I will present what I see as the best options, and I will be honest with my opinion regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your case. In the end, you get to decide how to proceed. If you decide to negotiate a deal with the prosecutor, I will try to get you the best deal possible. If you decide to challenge the charges in court, I will vigorously defend you.

Drunk Driving Charges Are Similar In Kansas And Missouri

From my law offices in Overland Park, I can represent you, whether you are charged throughout the Kansas City area or elsewhere in Kansas or Missouri. There are many similarities between the laws in the two states, although there are a few differences. Both states have a separate process for criminal charges and administrative matters regarding your driver’s license. Here are a few basics regarding the laws in both states:

  • Blood alcohol content (BAC): The law states anyone with a BAC higher than .08 percent violates the impaired driving laws. You can receive an enhanced penalty for anything over .15 percent. If you are under 21, you are not allowed to have a BAC higher than .02 percent.

  • First-time offenders: If this is your first offense, you may face 48 hours to six months in jail, along with a fine, though in Kansas, you may only receive community service. Penalties increase with subsequent offenses. Penalties for repeat offenses are more severe.

  • Implied consent: Both states are “implied consent” states, meaning if you refuse a breathalyzer test or other chemical testing, you will automatically lose your license for a period of time.

No matter your situation, you should always discuss your case with a knowledgeable DUI/DWI attorney. Know your rights and take action to protect them with the help of an experienced legal professional.

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