Any criminal charge can affect your future, but many people underestimate the far-reaching consequences of a drug charge. If you are facing your first drug offense, you need a good attorney to help you protect your future. If it is a subsequent offense, you are likely facing harsher penalties. You may feel pressured to take a plea deal, but that may still leave you with a criminal conviction on your record. This can affect everything from your ability to get a job to your ability to get financial aid for school. As your attorney, I will fight to keep a conviction off your record.

If you have been charged with a drug-related crime, you need to act quickly to prepare your defense. Schedule a consultation with Kalberg Law Office L.L.C. to discuss your charges. When it comes to drug crime law in Overland Park, Kansas, I have the experience and deep familiarity with the law necessary to improve the outcome of your case. Convictions for drug charges are often severe and may include probation, fines, and jail time. My law firm provides the aggressive representation necessary to protect your legal rights.



I Can Help You Understand The Charges You Are Facing

We see many types of drug charges in the Kansas City area, from minor marijuana possession to drug trafficking. I have nearly two decades of criminal law experience handling all types of drug charges. I will make sure you understand the charges against you and stand by you throughout the process.

Drug convictions account for a significant percentage of today’s prison inmate population. However, not every charge necessarily leads to a conviction. The specific facts of your case, your prior background, and other circumstances all inform the approach the prosecution will take and the strategy I’ll use to fight back. Call me right away if you’ve been charged with:

  • Combination with DUI: I often handle combination charges involving DUI and drug possession. Police often search the car following a DUI arrest and find illegal substances like marijuana or meth. You may try to argue that any drugs or paraphernalia found do not belong to you, but the police only need to show that you knew of it and had the ability to control it.

  • Prescription narcotics: Anytime you are in possession of a prescription drug with no prescription in your name, you can face serious consequences. Depending on the substance and amount, you may be facing a felony. Sharing your narcotic medications with other people is also a serious crime.

  • Marijuana charges: Although sentiment regarding marijuana is shifting around the country and many states have legalized recreational use of marijuana, neither Kansas nor Missouri is among them. It is still illegal in both states.

In addition, I handle cases pertaining to the following:

  • Possession

  • Paraphernalia

  • Trafficking

  • Dealing

  • Manufacturing and Delivery

Whether a drug offense is a misdemeanor or felony often comes down to the amount in possession. Under the law, each drug has a certain amount above which you can be charged with “intent to distribute,” or trafficking charges. A lawyer’s advice and representation are critical when you face drug crime charges — even if your case is still in the investigation stage and you have not yet been charged.

Know Your Rights by Consulting with a Drug Lawyer

In many cases, the arresting officers overstep their bounds by violating defendants’ Fourth Amendment rights during the search and seizure of drug evidence. Establishing the facts of your arrest is an important part of mounting your defense. I’ll review the specific details of your arrest and charges to determine the best approach for your case. As your drug crime attorney, I am committed to providing you with the most effective defense.

Contact me today if you are in need of a drug crime attorney in Overland Park, Kansas. Together we will fight for you.


At Kalberg Law Office L.L.C., I can help you with your drug crime charge. I have nearly two decades of legal experience, so I will handle your case with confidence. If you are in need of a skilled attorney in Overland Park, Kansas, as well as throughout the KC metro, contact me today.