What Will Your Speeding Ticket Cost You in Kansas?

On behalf of Kalberg Law Office L.L.C. June 5, 2019

Whether you’re in a hurry or just a little impatient, everyone winds up speeding eventually. For others, speeding is a more chronic problem which increases your risk for serious injury. In 2016, speeding was the second-leading cause of death in fatal motor vehicle crashes. There were roughly 400 more fatalities because of unbelted drivers, but it’s possible that some of those drivers could have also been speeding.

Speeding is a common and costly traffic violation. Between paying the fine associated with the violation and any increase in your insurance premium, speeding is expensive. The state of Kansas can also suspend your driver’s license for too many traffic violations, which means that you must also pay any reinstatement fees and complete any court-ordered requirements before having your license reinstated.

How Speeding Works

It’s important to understand how speeding works in Kansas to avoid accruing speeding violations. Keep in mind that there is no grace period for going, say, just five miles over the limit. While driving less than 10 miles per hour over the limit is a non-moving violation, the state still requires you to pay a fine.

Law enforcement enforces speeding from the posted speed limit sign. The amount of your fine is determined by how many miles per hour over the speed limit you are going.

  • Speeding by 10 miles per hour is a $104.50 fine whereas speeding by 20 miles per hour carries a $166.50 fine.

  • If you’re found speeding by more than 25 miles per hour, your fine is the number of miles per hour over the limit multiplied by 10. So, speeding 27 miles per hour over the limit is a $270 fine.

Keep in mind that where you speed matters, too. Speeding in a construction or school zone adds another $50 to your fine.

Speeding Can Make You Even Later

We all run behind or have days where we feel impatient. However, before you decide that speeding is the solution, consider the safety risks and the amount of money that a speeding ticket could cost you. Chances are that your penalty for being late to your destination will be less severe than a speeding ticket or an accident. Having law enforcement stop you for speeding sure won’t help you make up time either.