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Serious Charges Like Violent Crimes Require A Serious Attorney

If you are facing charges of a violent crime, you need serious legal representation. I have been practicing criminal defense law for over 15 years, and I am not afraid to aggressively fight for your rights. I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you whether I am the right lawyer for you after you have been charged with an act of violence.

The term “violent crime” is more descriptive than legal in nature. Each crime has its own label, such as murder. It generally refers to crimes that cause or threaten bodily harm to another person and encompasses a range of criminal offenses, including:

  • Assault and battery: Assault is the threat or attempt to harm someone, whereas battery is the act of touching another in an unwanted way. They are similar and often referred to together, but are separate crimes in Kansas, and Missouri only recognizes assault.
  • Arson: Although arson seems to be more of a property crime, it is considered a violent crime because of the likelihood it could seriously injure someone, whether intended or not.
  • Homicide: This category includes manslaughter and murder. Manslaughter usually involves an unintentional killing of someone, whereas murder is intentional.
  • Domestic assault : The charge of domestic assault covers any physical harm or attempt to cause physical harm to a member of your family or household.
  • Sexual assault: Charges may encompass a wide range of sexually-based offenses, from unwanted touching to aggravated rape.

What Does It Mean To Commit An ‘Aggravated’ Crime?

If you were charged with an aggravated crime in Kansas, you may be wondering what that means. Anytime someone uses a deadly weapon, such as a gun or knife, during a crime, it raises the level of that crime to “aggravated” status. This is true in both Missouri and Kansas, although in Missouri, the law does not use the term “aggravated assault.” Instead, the use of a weapon affects the level of assault charged.

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