Penalties For Traffic Violations Catch Many People Off-Guard

People in the Kansas City area do not generally think they need an attorney for a traffic violation. “Just pay it and forget it” is a common response to a ticket. When drivers discover what the penalties can add up to, however, they then realize the potential consequences on their lives of losing their license. Many of us would not be able to get around the city if we lose our driving privileges.

A skilled attorney can help you navigate your traffic charges and possibly reduce the penalties. In Kansas, some people manage to successfully amend these tickets without a lawyer, but an experienced attorney can improve your chances. In Missouri, prosecutors will not even talk to an unrepresented defendant.

Multiple Tickets Can Become A Real Problem

For many clients, the first ticket is not a problem. The real problem begins when they receive the second and then the third ticket. The penalties start to compound, and then you are faced with losing your license. If you successfully amend the first ticket to a nonmoving violation, you have one less strike against you in case you get another ticket.

Kansas and Missouri have slightly different systems, but in both states, you may risk driver’s license suspension when you accumulate violations. For example, in Kansas, if you have two speeding tickets on your record and then receive a ticket for running a red light, you may be facing harsh penalties such as losing your license. In Missouri, you receive points for each ticket. Once you have 12 points, the state can suspend your license.

Of course, there are some serious traffic violations that have harsher penalties. Leaving the scene of an accident or driving with a suspended license or no insurance are all considered more serious criminal offenses.

Get Professional, Experienced Advice At An Affordable Rate

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